Finding flow and a sense of play at – where else? –FlowPlay.

I know I’ve done a lot of slobbering lately over the Institute for Systems Biology as a quintessentially “cool” place to work. But cool comes in many forms – just like snowflakes! Certainly, FlowPlay can lay solid claim to a certain kind of tech-sector cool. They’re in a really cool part of a really cool […]

Cool recognizes cool: ISB taps Seattle Children’s leader for development role

We got a lot of really nice responses on our announcement of the new Director of Development position at the Institute for Systems Biology, a Seattle nonprofit that draws from a wide array of subject areas to come up with innovative solutions to massive health challenges such as cancer and infectious disease. As that announcement […]

Wishing you a joyous holiday season!

Joyous holiday season

It’s that time of year again — meaning, the very end of the year. The time when people of all faiths (or of no faith at all) try to give each other just a little more grace, a little more gratitude than we otherwise might. As of this moment, it seems that the very worst […]

Marketing will always outpace hireability

A marketing agency team

An executive search partner’s opinion on using a marketing agency It’s a hot job market and everyone has more marketing work than they can handle. As an executive search partner, my clients often struggle with the question of whether they should hire internal marketers or a marketing agency to handle the demand. I tell them […]

An ideal Union of company and candidate

Marketing executive working at a computer

As you’ve probably noticed, the last couple of announcements have been not about open positions, but about some of the successful hires that we here at PSP have been delighted to be part of. We’ve told you about Susan Livingston’s hire as VP of Marketing at PCC, and Angelique Rothermel’s for the same role at […]

Another great Marketing VP hire

We recently mentioned in this space that PCC had banged it out of the park with its hiring of Susan Livingston as its new Vice President of Marketing + Purpose. Now we’re back to let you know of another highly innovative and mission-driven Pacific Northwest company that has similarly come up aces with its Marketing […]

PCC hires a true food visionary


We’ve normally used this space to announce new job openings, but I think there’s also value in celebrating when those openings are successfully completed – especially when they are completed as ably as PCC has in the case of its VP of Marketing + Purpose slot.    As mentioned in our original announcement for the […]

Happy Holidays from PS Partners

Happy Holidays from PSP

Happy holidays! After a long year where too many emails are simply not “finding us well,” I’m hoping this cute polar bear brings you a little holiday cheer!  On behalf of myself and the PSP team, I must say we are immensely grateful for you all — our dearest clients, our spectacular candidate network, and […]

The Labor Market is Tight. It’s Time to Change the Way You Hire

Hiring strategies for tight labor market

If you suspect your hiring strategies aren’t working anymore, I’m here to tell you that you’re probably right. Tactics that worked before the COVID-19 pandemic are no longer bringing in the desired pool of candidates. That’s because we’ve entered a candidate-driven market.  A what? A “candidate market” is when there’s a surge in hiring, and […]