Happy Holidays from PSP

Happy holidays! After a long year where too many emails are simply not “finding us well,” I’m hoping this cute polar bear brings you a little holiday cheer! 

On behalf of myself and the PSP team, I must say we are immensely grateful for you all — our dearest clients, our spectacular candidate network, and our wonderful colleagues. Thank you for inviting the PS Partners team to be a part of your lives. 

Working with you has brought our team so much hope and joy this year. You share with us your dreams for the future of your companies and of your careers. We treasure the moments when we get to know your hearts and dreams, and we feel so honored to be part of bringing them into reality. 

Beatles Quote

I sense good things coming for us all in 2022. Some things we may be planning for or actively seeking. Others will come to us unexpectedly, and that’s ok. I take comfort in knowing that we’ve collectively weathered a tremendous, unexpected storm these last 20+ months, and yet we still have so much to be thankful for and to celebrate. 

On that note, we’ve made a donation on your behalf to the JAYC Foundation to provide support and love to the Turpin siblings. You may remember their story — 13 children who were held captive by their parents in a “house of horror.” Even 3 years after escaping this hell, many of the siblings are still fighting to survive. We hope our donation makes their holiday just a little brighter, and we hope you’ll consider contributing as well. 

With that, I wish you good health, happiness, and joy this holiday season. I hope you’re able to step away from Zoom meetings and take advantage of precious time spent with loved ones. As for me, I’m looking forward to Christmas Eve lasagna (my family’s nod to our Italian roots) and a glass of eggnog (or two), of course. We’ve earned it.


Gina Peckman and the PSP Team