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SUD Clinical Director

Embrace the Adventure: Unleash Your Clinical powers as an SUD Clinical Director with Key Recovery and Life Skills Center
Welcome, aspiring Clinical Directors of the clinical world! Are you ready to embark on an exhilarating journey […]

Senior Director of Marketing

If you’re into both customer experience and data, a hot local company wants to meet you.

We recently introduced you to an exciting new PSP client that administers business services for mental-health practitioners – making it possible […]

Vice President of Strategy and Growth

Be mindful of this excellent new opportunity.

We have another amazing new client to tell you about – one with an extremely promising business model and a deeply worthwhile mission. Mindful Support Services helps mental-health […]

Mental Health Therapist

Become the key to another’s recovery.

We here at PSP are deeply honored to assist Key Recovery and Life Skills Center as it continues to build out a team to carry out its innovative – and uniquely comprehensive – approach to […]

Clinical Health Manager

We have succesfully completed this engagement

Embarking on a Transformative Journey: The Search for an SUD Clinical Manager at Key Recovery and Life Skills Center

A new chapter unfolds for those in pursuit of a fulfilling career in […]

Substance Use Disorder Counselor(s)

Mystery client revealed – and it’s looking for some elite operators.

Having been formally released from my blood-oath of confidentiality – don’t worry, no animals were harmed during any of the necessary rituals of absolution – I am […]

Chief Clinical Officer

This engagment has been successfully completed. 
You’ve probably heard a lot of rumors about this confidential search. Most are not true.

Every so often, we here at PS Partners need to run a confidential job announcement, in […]

Vice President of Product Management

We have successfuly completed this enagement 
AstrumU seeks VP of Product Management

First, let’s get the pronunciation out of the way. AstrumU is not “Astroo-MOO.” It’s more like the opening of an introduction: “Astrum, […]

Development Director

We have successfully completed this engagement. 
If this job were any cooler, your screen would be coated in frost.

I mean, this job is really cool. Like, dip-your-fingers-in-Puget-Sound cool. Cool like the breezes that slice […]

Chief Growth Officer

We have successfully completed this engagement.
Someone’s going to get a lot of good mileage out of this opportunity.

Let me introduce you to TripLog, an Issaquah-based company that provides a leading mobile mileage-tracking software […]

Director Data Science, Marketing and BI

We have successfully completed this engagement. 
Folks tend not to leave FlowPlay – so jump on this new opening while you can.

It’s been a minute – as the kids say – since we last did an announcement for FlowPlay, a Pioneer […]

VP Sales Development

We have completed this engagement. 
Yoda couldn’t take this job. Looking for the next-best thing, we are.

Avoid the temptation to write this entire announcement in Yoda-speak, I must! Get old quickly, it would! OK, so now […]