Success Stories

We know how crucially important each hiring decision is for your business.

We’re keenly aware that in today’s hyper-competitive economy, having the right talent in the right place at the right time makes all the difference. Whether you’re looking for a senior executive or building a team, PSP is all about making sure you get hiring right so your organization can be successful.

The Ultimate Advantage

For us, it all comes down to a central principle:
Caring is the ultimate competitive advantage.

That ethos informs everything we do – and it sets PSP apart from other executive-search firms.

Our Ethos in Practice

We take the time to get to know you – and we customize our approach to meet your needs.

One size fits all? Not here. Whether you’re looking to source a position or build an entire team, we’ll use our full expertise and capacity in developing a custom-tailored strategy for you.

To us, this approach to hiring simply makes sense – after all, you need a team member who will be a good fit for your organization’s culture from day one. We take the time to get to know you and your culture, and that equips us to identify people who will be an ideal match.

We maintain – and continually cultivate – a top-notch network of employers and candidates.

Our deep portfolio of connections includes information not only on candidates’ skills, but on the intangibles that help ensure a perfect fit with your expectations and organizational culture.

These connections aren’t just names on a spreadsheet. They’re high-quality professionals at all career stages, with whom we have long-term relationships. As a result, we know them and they know us – which enables us to find exactly the right candidates for you.

We’re with you every step of the way – and we’ll always return your call.

We start by creating a comprehensive hiring plan that reflects your company’s long- and short-term goals, and we keep at it until you’re completely satisfied with a new hire.

That includes being both completely authentic and completely available throughout the entire process. When you call (or email, or text, or send us a carrier pigeon), we answer – it’s as simple as that. We don’t take shortcuts or go incommunicado, because that’s not how we’d want to be treated.

We respect our clients and candidates.

We’ll let you in on a secret: The way we’ve built our amazing network is by treating clients and candidates with respect. People want to stay in touch with us, because they know we value them. We build these great relationships one successful search at a time.

We want our candidates to know their worth, and our clients to know that we keep our promises. That sensibility informs our work at every stage in the process – and when it comes to compensation negotiations, we are experts who will ensure a fair outcome for all parties.

Our Process

PSP provides two core services to its clients. One is Executive Search, in which we help clients source one or more senior-level openings. The other is Strategic Teambuilding, a specialized offering that sets PSP apart from other firms.

Whichever of these services your organization requires, we would be glad to develop a sourcing charge that meets your needs – and your budget.

Our Fee Structure

At PSP, we’ve pioneered Performance-Based Hiring – a radical departure from the traditional recruiting model. With most retained-search firms, you pay one-third of the fee upfront, one-third at the halfway point, and the final third at the end of the search – whether or not the outcome is successful.

We simply don’t think that’s fair. Instead, our compensation is linked to achieving a strong result. We’ll continue a search until a successful hire is made, and we don’t accept payment until you tell us you’re completely, over-the-moon satisfied.

Strategic Teams

Beyond our work in Executive Search, PSP has deep expertise in an area we call Strategic Teams. We’ve helped clients build entire teams in sales, marketing, operations, and other vital business functions. We’d be thrilled to do the same for your organization.

Here’s how it works. For a reasonable monthly retainer, you’ll receive comprehensive strategic recruiting in developing anything from a small division to an entire startup roster.

When we do this work, we realize that you’re not just looking for warm bodies to fill out your organizational chart. You want people who will be strong individual contributors from the get-go, who will also work well with the other new hires on the team. At PSP, building Strategic Teams means taking in the whole picture, so that you have a team that is ready to contribute at a high level right away.

Depending on the extent of your needs, the Strategic Teams package can save your firm money, and give you access to a whole new level of employee-search service.

And by the way, we didn’t just cook up Strategic Teams as an abstract theory – it came directly from our work with real-world clients, who happen to be delighted with the results. You can read about their experience with PSP Strategic Teams here.

Let's Talk

If you’re a company looking for a strategic partner, need help building your team or, if you’re a talented professional looking for the right opportunity, get in touch – we’d be glad to set up a complimentary initial consultation so that we can learn more about each other.