Patient, you have been.

Six full moons have cast their baleful gaze upon our settlements since I first apprised you of my urgent search for Three Secret Sages to assist an Unnamed Realm.

Yet the fates are never idle. Even as winter was coming, our far-flung network of merchants, scribes, and artisans heeded my summons. The signal-torches of the mountain guardians relayed the call, and many a messenger raven took flight.

As a result, I Gina Peckman, Good Queen of the Search Partners of Peckman and the First of My Name have the honor of announcing the Finding of the Sages. With the search now concluded, I shall fulfill my promise to reveal the Name of the Realm.

It is Adaptiva, from the Land of Kirk in the Kingdoms East of the Lake. As mentioned in my prior dispatches, the domain of this Realm is management and security of endpoints the desktops, laptops, and other remote computing devices that businesses and employees use to connect with the network.

Ample has been its good fortune, with a 25 percent increase in new-client revenue; customer-renewal rates of nearly 100 percent; and bountiful partnerships with the likes of Microsoft and Accenture.

The first of the Sage searches was for a Chief Revenue Officer. Alas, Doug Kennedy proved to be such a worthy candidate that he attained the mantle of Chief Growth Officer. “We found him to be very qualified, so we changed him to the next higher title,” explained Adaptiva Founder and President Deepak Kumar.

Those qualifications include Doug’s prior role as Vice President for Business Development and Partner Strategy at Oracle Corp., as well as previous VP roles at Oracle, Microsoft, and Netsuite.

Adaptiva bestowed the seal of Chief Revenue Officer to David Langston. His last position was Vice President for Customer Engagement at DXC Technologies in Bellevue, where he worked on high-profile accounts ranging from the Royal Canadian Mint to the Dallas Cowboys. Before that, David was a Director of Global Enterprise Partners at Microsoft.

They were very good fits for the role,” Deepak said of the three new hires. “The caliber was higher than average, for sure.

As for that Third Sage this wizard, too, has been found and dubbed VP of Marketing, rendering the circle complete. All three new hires were made this fall, and began their work at Adaptiva with gusto.

Deepak said Peckman Search Partners had brought a unique wizardry all its own. “The key difference I’ve seen is that their process isn’t the antiseptic clinical process,” he said. “They really try to understand the company, the environment, and the role, and match that not only against the candidate’s resume, but in terms of the candidate as a person. They go beyond to understand both sides and make a match based on their experience. That struck me as unique.

From her mountain fastness, this seer-sorceress bows in gratitude. Thanks so much, Deepak and congratulations to the new hires at Adaptiva. Very happy holidays to all!