Chief Growth Officer

We have successfully compelted this engagement. 
Maybe you really CAN have it all.

A company called My Green Lab is looking for a Chief Growth Officer. That might not mean much to you at this precise instant, but I promise you, Dear Reader – when you hear the rest of what I have to tell you about this organization, and this role, it will mean everything to you.

As in, there will be people reading this announcement – and you may well prove to be one of them – who will neither sleep nor eat, knowing that a position this amazing is out there. Their current jobs, and even some long-beloved hobbies, may come to seem drab and meaningless in comparison to the brilliant prospect soon to manifest before them.

For you see, the Chief Growth Officer opening at My Green Lab comes about as close as any role I’ve ever announced to an ideal blend of “doing well” and “doing good”; of having your cake and eating it too.

Sure, we’ve all known in theory that there must be employers out there – somewhere – that combine a dynamic, entrepreneurial business model with a practical plan to save the world. My Green Lab is one such employer.

I’ll explain. When you think of scientific laboratories, you probably think about a lot of people scurrying around in long white coats; peering into microscopes; mixing up stuff in petri dishes; firing a laser at a distant point and cackling, “The universe … it is MINE!” You know, normal lab stuff.

What you probably don’t think about is the fact that scientific labs constitute a huge industry – three times bigger than the entire building-products sector, and just over half the size of the automobile industry. With this size comes a very large ecological footprint. Labs toss out over 12 billion pounds of plastic annually, and they consume between five and ten times as much energy and water as office spaces.

All of this makes labs a huge untapped market for sustainability efforts – and My Green Lab has emerged since its founding in 2013 as the worldwide leader in this space, developing globally recognized standards for laboratory practices and products; serving 30 of the 50 largest pharma companies; and certifying more than 2,000 green labs across over 45 countries.

With the overall number of scientific labs worldwide estimated conservatively at 265,000, there’s a lot of room for growth – and My Green Lab has created a new role for someone to lead that growth.

This Chief Growth Officer will be a primary member of the senior leadership team, reporting directly to the CEO. The position may be performed remotely, though My Green Lab prefers that it be based somewhere in the Pacific Northwest.

The responsibilities of the role include everything connected to the expansion of the organization and its certification programs. That includes data-driven analysis of potential new markets, both domestic and international; close appraisal of industry and market trends; the establishment and monitoring of sales figures and other performance indicators; leadership and development of a sales team and the development and execution of marketing and branding strategy. In addition, there is a significant team-management component, including the supervision of several other key positions.

For this very important hire, My Green Lab is looking for candidates with at least 15 years of relevant leadership experience, including an extensive background in business development, strategic planning, and market expansion. An MBA is preferred, as is experience in an industry related to laboratory research, and a demonstrated interest in sustainability.

So, there it is. You can now no longer say it’s not out there. It is out there – and it’s waiting for you. But it won’t wait forever; if you’re interested, act fast. Just remember to eat.

PS From PSP: A topic that’s been increasingly on my mind lately is the phenomenon of ageism. I’ll admit that I used to be skeptical that such a thing truly existed, but in recent years (and I’m certain that my own advance into later middle age, particularly as a woman, has nothing to do with this), I’ve become more and more attuned to the reality of it.

The whole question of just what it means to “age” – and what even constitutes “old,” let alone “too old” – has become an increasingly relevant question for our entire society as the massive Baby Boomer generation gets, well, old.

But they (OK, we) are not getting old in anything like the way every other generation did. Just like we invented adolescence, we’re inventing elderhood too. And it’s looking busier and more active than ever, with older Americans making up a growing share of the workforce – some because they want to, some because they have to.

This is an increasingly important topic in the talent-placement field, and I plan to spend more than a few PS From PSP slots on it over the year to come. Throughout this conversation, I’d love to hear your own thoughts on this topic; it’s shifting all the time, and I welcome your perspectives on it. 


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