Personal Branding on LinkedIn: Why your profile photo is so important

If we have to see an inappropriate LinkedIn Profile photo one more time…

Everyone knows someone who has that inappropriate profile picture. You know, the eye-roll inducing trying-to-be-funny-and-ironic photo, the dirty mirror selfie, the peace signs, the dark sunglass mystery-man mug, the semi sexually suggestive glamour shots… the list could go on. If your LinkedIn profile photo is a selfie with your five cats, we aren’t telling you not to love your five cats. However, we are suggesting that it is important to think about what this photo is saying about you and your personal brand. Think about the implications it might have on your potential career search or on your online reputation. Your LinkedIn profile photo is part of your personal brand, which means it is part of the representation of your values, appearance, beliefs, reputation, and goals – it is how people perceive who you are. Branding is becoming important in a personal sense these days as a way to gain recognition, shift careers, and much more. According to LinkedIn research, uploading a decent profile picture on your LinkedIn site makes your profile 14 times more likely to be viewed by others! This profile image is the best way to make a first impression, and you’ll want it to be a good one. So, what are you waiting for? Find that friend with a DLR camera and ask them to take a new headshot of you!

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