In our last announcement, I went into a bit of additional depth on Yapta, one of our website’s new client success stories. In this edition, I’ll look at the other one—GLDN (pronounced “golden”).

GLDN is a jewelry e-commerce startup based in La Conner, Wash. When Chrissy Lavdovsky founded the company in 2013, she had a vision of what would make GLDN unique—a customer-centered, responsive approach to crafting and selling high-quality jewelry.


Soon, though, the company’s online business was outgrowing its staff capacity. Chrissy began to think about building a workforce that could execute on her vision and keep up with growth.

We had just grown organically, and all the roles that we had weren’t clearly defined,” she said. “Really, it was about building my leadership team.

The chair of a local CEO group recommended that Chrissy turn to Peckman Search Partners. As she put it, we helped her determine “what roles would actually look like, and how the pieces would fit together.

We identified the functions that GLDN would need to fill first—including a Chief Operating Officer and a head of customer service. Chrissy knew she’d need to find someone special for the COO role, someone who could understand the unique value of GLDN’s craftwork—and the day-to-day details of running an e-commerce business.

That’s exactly what our team delivered. Chrissy said, “Once I met the candidates, I was just so impressed by what a great fit they were, and how easy it would be for all three of the candidates we ended up with to just slide right in and hit the ground running.

For Peckman Search Partners, the GLDN engagement represented an opportunity to help a young company define and meet its senior staffing needs. This was about even more than filling important positions—it was about deciding on what those positions should be in the first place.

This was another example of how we can scale our offerings to meet a wide range of our clients’ Strategic Teambuilding needs. If your organization is just starting up, in the midst of a turnaround, or planning an expansion, we’d love to talk with you about how we can meet those needs for you—just drop us a line.