Top 10 job skills

In this era of innovation and change, do your employees have the job skills necessary to push your company into the future? From technical expertise in blockchain and cloud computing, to the softer competencies of creativity and collaboration, having a team with the right mix of knowledge and capabilities will keep your business from falling behind.

The top 10 hard and soft job skills in demand in 2021

Here are the top hard and soft job skills organizations looked for most in employees this past year:

1. Blockchain – Blockchain is a distributed record-keeping system that underpins technologies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. But cryptocurrencies aren’t the only thing blockchain enables. This technology can help safely manage supply chains, lower business costs, and increase overall consumer trust. Companies old and new are looking for people with blockchain technical skills—retail, charities and nonprofits, and new crypto/creator economy startups – to help them create a more secure environment for their data.

2. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning – The field of AI strives to have computers perform the same functions as humans. A more recent innovation is machine learning, enabling computer systems to quickly and efficiently master complicated tasks. AI can reduce costs, open new revenue streams, and advance corporate interests, making it one of the most high-demand hard skills for companies of all sizes.

3. Cloud computing – Cloud computing is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. It describes computation done on off-premise servers, which relay the results over the internet to the end-user. Cloud engineers have the hard skills to handle data migrations, cloud security, and contracts with cloud service providers. As more organizations move to towards the cloud, it is imperative to have members of your team with these skills.

4. Content creation – As content marketing becomes the go-to strategy for firms worldwide, content creation is becoming an invaluable skill. Having a firm grasp on your audience and how to speak to them will help your company grow. Content creation goes beyond writing to also include video and audio production, and employees with these abilities will be invaluable as you go to launch new products and services, and work to retain current customers.

5. Business analysis – Business analysis is a valuable skill for any professional. It involves investigating business issues and ideas, problem-solving, forming data-backed conclusions, and making well-informed decisions. This is a core skill in any company, and those in leadership roles should have a firm grasp on how to analyze business data and create growth strategies.

6. UI/UX design – User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are fundamental to how clients, customers, and users interact with a company. UI/UX designers build customer journeys, develop aesthetics, and enhance your user experiences in an increasingly digital world.

7. Sales leadership and persuasion – Sales and persuasion have always been (and will likely continue to be) some of the most in-demand soft skills in the workplace. Leaders in sales management can close deals and train others to do the same. A persuasive employee can handle negotiations and encourage accountability from coworkers and clients.

8. Emotional intelligence – A person with emotional intelligence, or high EQ, can understand and respond to their own feelings and the feelings of others. When employees can handle each other’s issues maturely and calmly, it creates greater productivity in the entire workplace. High EQ individuals are valuable hires in all industries and businesses.

9. Creativity – Creativity means developing new strategies to accomplish tasks, confront challenges, and find solutions. This can extend to all aspects of a firm, from business strategy to marketing to web development. As such a broad soft skill, even traditionally “non-creative” industries like logistics or data management will benefit from a creative hire.

10. Collaboration – In an increasingly digital world, collaboration has taken on a whole new meaning. Employees need to cooperate with people working remotely, across borders, and in different time zones. Companies that rely on team-based work (which is almost any firm in any industry) should place a high premium on individuals with collaboration skills.

Employees need hard and soft skills to succeed in 2021

Change is a constant in the business world, and this past year and a half has shown that life can be highly unpredictable. It is not a surprise that the most in-demand job skills of this year are related to technology and teamwork, two critical pillars in handling the ever-changing future of work. To succeed moving forward, placing a focus on these skills will help both your organization and employees adapt and grow, regardless what 2022 may bring.

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