Beyond helping clients source and retain key individual positions, Peckman Search Partners has deep expertise in an area we call Strategic Teambuilding. For a reasonable monthly retainer, you’ll receive not only unlimited executive-search assistance, but our proficient guidance on how to build out an entire team.


With this highly effective, cost-efficient service, you’ll get:

  • Assistance in developing anything from a small division to an entire startup roster.
  • A trusted, collaborative partner at a time of important change, whether your organization is growing quickly, establishing a new division, embarking on a merger, or facing a major transition.
  • Maximum benefit from our vast experience and unique insight—we’ll help you understand how the hiring process can help structure your organization and achieve your strategic aims.
  • Opportunities to custom-tailor your hiring strategy and outreach, including job descriptions, announcements to our extensive global network, compensation packages, and training programs.

By engaging comprehensively on the full scope of personnel needs, Strategic Teambuilding has generated excellent results for one high-growth company after another. It can help save your business money and position you for a new level of success.

Overview of Services

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Peckman Overview of Services

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