COVID-19 and Your Job Search

Right before I began writing this announcement, I had to do another quick check of the news to see if there was yet another pandemic-related transformation of normal life. I’ll probably check again at least once by the time I’m done writing.

As of the moment I’m writing, more than 8,000 of your fellow human beings have died of an illness that, as far as anyone was aware, didn’t even exist as of last Thanksgiving. Over 200,000 cases have been reported worldwide so far, but that feels like a colossal lowball.

You know all too well what this has meant for the economy. It’s not just Wall Street shutdowns. Whole industries, whole countries are frozen in place. People are losing their jobs, or on the verge of losing them. Perhaps you – or a loved one – are among them. Or perhaps you were in the middle of a job search when everything got chucked into the karmic blender.

If any of this describes you, we want to help.

As an executive recruitment firm in one of the hardest-hit parts of the United States, we at Peckman Search Partners are offering referral and job-seeking guidance to any of you out there who need it, either for yourself or for someone you hold dear. We are opening our network to all!

One tip we can pass along right away is that Amazon has announced it’s hiring 100,000 people nationwide for order-fulfillment and delivery work. Oh, and one of the best restaurants in America – Canlis – is now offering drive-thru burgers, bagels, and coffee.

Lots of other local businesses – and nonprofits – could use some support right now, so be mindful of them during this difficult and uncertain time. If you’re eligible to give blood, please consider doing so – it’s a safe way to do some genuine good at a time when additional blood and plasma are sorely needed.

And if you need help, please let us know. Oh, and take it from Mel and Max Brooks – #DontBeASpreader.

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