Changepoint Announces New Hires – And I Share Some Local Favorites

Some more good news from a client that seems to produce a lot of it: Changepoint has announced it is hiring Ingrid Rood as its new North America Vice President of Sales, and Scott Mitchell as Product Marketing Manager for Services Automation.

We at Peckman Search Partners are delighted and honored to have been in on the placement process for these key positions. Let me give you a quick intro to these terrific new hires.

Ingrid comes to Changepoint from managing her own consulting firm after a successful tenure at K2, where she rose swiftly from Vice President for Enterprise Accounts to Vice President for North American Sales to Senior VP for the Americas. She has 25 years of highly successful experience in software sales, handling inside and outside accounts for Microsoft, Omnia, and ACTIVE Network. Ingrid has a proven knack for building high-caliber sales teams, and is an excellent fit for her new role at Changepoint.

Scott should slot in quite well also, given his wealth of product-marketing experience in such areas as enterprise-information management, workflow automation, and enterprise mobility. He spent the past year at T-Mobile as a subject-matter expert in business-tech sales. Previously, he held PMM positions at Seattle-area companies Marchex, Nintex, and OpenText. (Excellent experience!)

Congratulations to Ingrid and Scott – and to Changepoint for these great additions to the team.

PS from PSP

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If you or someone you know would value an introduction to either of these two outstanding pros, just let me know and I’ll be glad to set you up or reach out directly and let them know PSP sent you!

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