Sarah Geiger – Head of Talent Management

The recruitment process is a unique moment — one influenced not only by “bottom-line” considerations, but also by emotion and expectation. It calls for someone who knows how to interact with people who are making deeply important, deeply personal decisions.

Sarah Geiger is that someone. Her primary professional background is in the funeral-services industry — a setting that required her to help people make good choices under widely varying circumstances. It also gave her a keen understanding of HR, marketing, and business finance, and of the needs that employers of all sizes bring to the recruitment process.

After a quarter-century in funeral services, Sarah entered the tech sector, serving as a customer – success implementation manager at ORHub. There she drew upon and further strengthened her skills in business planning, coaching, and teambuilding.

Outside of work, Sarah enjoys traveling to sunny beaches—presumably to recharge the brightness and warmth that make her such an important factor in our team’s work.

Sarah Geiger

Brenda Nash – Head of Customer Success

You might wonder just how Peckman Search Partners keeps track of all of the amazing clients and candidates we’re working with all the time. We’ve got Brenda Nash – that’s how! She’s the force behind the scenes who keeps all of our records straight and up-to-date. Brenda makes sure your info is both accurate and readily available, so that we can match you to the right person or organization, right away. This kind of work requires an eye for order and detail, so it’s no surprise that Brenda’s also an interior designer, the head of B Design Consulting in her adopted hometown of Cle Elum, where she takes full advantage of the rugged outdoor life as a ski instructor, off-road motorcyclist, and avid hiker.

Brenda Nash

Chris Englin – Founder, Big Wave Recruiting

A key player in the Pacific Northwest HR world since the early 1980s, Chris Englin spent 15 years working for companies like Nordstrom and Callison before launching Big Wave Recruiting in 1997. She’s helped some of the region’s most important organizations grow and thrive, and she’s amassed one whale of a network. Chris knows just about everybody in Seattle-area HR, partly because she helped put many of them in one position or another. She’s a respected, insightful professional who loves her job and loves giving others the opportunity to say the same thing.

Chris Englin

Mark Ribbing – Lead Writer

The writer behind Peckman Search Partners’ position announcements, Mark Ribbing has the ability to transform dry, wonky facts into vivid prose that makes the underlying theme come alive. His strategic-communications company, Nascent Wave, serves business and nonprofit clients in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. A former head of the executive writing team at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Mark is delighted to talk with anyone who might need writing and editing services for their organization.

Mark Ribbing

Julie Clarkson – Founder, Kinzie Marketing

Email marketing is a great tool for building revenue and customer loyalty. If you need some email marketing know-how, meet Julie Clarkson, a B2B/B2C email marketing wiz and a certified Salesforce Marketing Cloud consultant. Whether it’s cost-effective email marketing platform implementation; assessing and improving existing email marketing programs; executing campaigns; marketing automation; creating sophisticated data-driven emails; or design, copywriting, and responsive coding, she’s got it covered.

Julie Clarkson

Amber Wendover – Founder, Thinking People Consulting

Being at your best is an important place to be, not just your best at work – also your best at home. Amber Wendover, Founder of Thinking People Consulting, a Seattle-based consulting firm, works with leaders, managers and individuals at all levels learn new habits to show up at their best. Thinking People Consulting provides strategic partnership, corporate training, workshop facilitation, individual coaching and keynote speaking.

Amber Wendover

Matt Youngquist – President, Career Horizons

A Seattle-based career coach, resume writer, and job hunting expert, Matt Youngquist specializes in helping Puget Sound professionals navigate uncharted employment waters. As President of Career Horizons, he consults with clients on how to strategically manage their careers, explore their occupational options, and market themselves for new opportunities. To date, he has assisted over 9,500 clients through the career transition process, in addition to the audience he reaches through his columns in the Seattle Times and Puget Sound Business Journal.

Matt Youngquist


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