Bellevue, Wash.-based Auth0 (pronounced “auth-zero”), a leader in digital authorization and online identity management, is one of the Seattle area’s fastest-growing tech firms—experiencing a 500 percent surge in 2015. To fuel this growing demand, Dave Wilner, Auth0’s vice president for global sales, needed to build out his sales team quickly. More than just asking a recruiter to put names in slots, he wanted trustworthy guidance on how new hires would fit the company’s strategic direction.



When Dave was an executive with the software company K2, he called upon Gina Peckman to help him fill several mission-critical positions. He knew Gina was a true strategic partner, one he could trust with the future of his company. Now with Auth0, Dave called upon Gina once again, engaging Peckman Search Partners’ Strategic Teambuilding service on a monthly retainer basis to build the Auth0 sales team from scratch.



Gina helped Dave Wilner craft a team that fits Auth0’s vision and defines its culture. With her market knowledge and sharp instincts, Gina “understood the secret sauce that we would need for employees in certain roles,” says Dave. He cites Gina’s knack for finding nontraditional players, like a candidate who lacked relevant experience but had high energy and entrepreneurial drive. (“The guy’s been here a month and a half, and he’s a star,” says Dave.) He also hails Gina’s honesty and integrity. Dave says there were occasions when the specifications for a particular position didn’t line up with Auth0’s true needs. “Gina called us on that. She’s respectful of our time and our money.”

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Dave Wilner

Dave Wilner

Vice president, global sales / Auth0

[Strategic Teambuilding gives me] more scale on my recruiting. I don’t have to train a new recruiter to understand our business, our market, our values, my personal preferences, or our company’s culture. If anything, I’m actually saving money.

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