The Transformative Power of an Empathetic Workforce

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, the success of an organization hinges not only on its offerings but also on the strength of its workforce. Now more than ever, companies are recognizing the profound impact of hiring empathetic individuals at all levels. Let’s talk about that impact and how it could transform your organization… Recognizing […]

3 Tips for Spotting Fake LinkedIn Accounts

An unknown hire covers their face with a paper bearing a question mark, indicating the possibility of a false LinkedIn account.

In 2023, LinkedIn removed 58 million fake accounts. What does this mean for hiring managers? You need to be extra careful to vet individuals before reaching out with an offer! Finding the right candidate to fill your open position is hard enough; save yourself heartache and time (and potential security concerns!) by following these three […]

A Glimpse into the Future of Executive Talent Acquisition in 2024

There’s something about crystal gazing that makes us all futurists at heart. In the boardrooms and HR departments, the quest to predict and adapt to future trends is unending. Like navigators charting unknown waters, at PS Partners, we’re constantly scanning the horizon for the next big wave in executive recruitment. Today, we’re narrowing it down […]

8 Benefits of a Positive Candidate Experience

A positive candidate experience is like a performance review of your brand and business – even before the candidate is hired. Learn why making the hiring process enjoyable, easy, and seamless pays off in the long-term. Gone are the days when job seekers felt like mere pawns in a hiring process orchestrated solely by companies. […]

The New Era of Work: Embracing the Gig Economy

Let’s break it down: Why might you want to consider getting into the gig economy as an employee? And how can employers benefit from tapping into this flexible, skilled, and innovative workforce? For some time now, I’ve felt compelled to address a monumental shift in the world of work – the rise of the gig […]

Substance-abuse therapists need to wake up to their superpower

In our recent announcement of new mental-health therapist openings at Key Recovery and Life Skills Center, we added a PS note indicating that we’d soon be coming back with a blog post on “just how high the demand is for mental-health and substance-abuse-treatment professionals – and how unprepared many practitioners in those fields are to […]

Hear from Two CEOs Who Share the Inside Scoop on Work Culture Done Right

Work culture – a term often thrown around, yet not always clearly understood. What truly defines work culture? And what separates genuine culture from mere buzzwords? Let’s hear from two CEOs to unravel the complexities and learn from their insights. Recent research highlights the transformative power of a strong work culture. Astonishingly, 69% of senior […]

AI and the job market: What really matters

I’ve known for a while now that I need to say something in this newsletter about AI. A switch flipped – in the business world and in popular culture – with the introduction of ChatGPT back in November, and all of a sudden the entire concept of AI moved from the sidelines of our awareness […]

How Does A Strong Company Culture Attract Talent & Create Workplace Positivity?

You’re probably familiar with the business cliche that “culture eats strategy for breakfast”–meaning that a strong company culture is far more important than a fancy business plan. It’s an essential ingredient for recruitment (and retention) success. The Great Resignation, the Big Quit, the Great Reshuffle, Quiet Quitting – whatever you want to call it, its […]

The Candidate Experience: How to Get it Right

The candidate experience

  The role of the candidate experience in hiring Whether you’re a job seeker or a recruiter, the hiring process can either leave you feeling elated, empowered, and excited or dejected, frustrated, and maybe even a little bitter. The problem is, when the experience lands candidates into that latter category, it has a negative impact […]