Adaptiva hires Sonia Martinez (CMO) and Vern LeBlanc (Senior Director of Information Security)

As readers of this blog are already aware, Adaptiva has been active on the hiring front for quite some time. The Kirkland-based endpoint-management software recently announced the successful filling of a couple of key positions. We at PSP were honored, as always, to be part of this process – and we’re thrilled to let you know that great people have landed at this great company.

For starters, Adaptiva has tapped Sonia Martinez as Chief Marketing Officer. If that name rings a bell, it may be because we had the pleasure of announcing her hiring at Changepoint back in 2019. As we mentioned then, Sonia has some very cool outside interests – racing cars, swallowing fire, the usual stuff – and is just a very high-caliber person all around. Her extensive background in B2B and SaaS marketing will serve her (and Adaptiva) very well.

The company is also bringing aboard a new Senior Director of Information Security, Vern LeBlanc. Vern most recently headed up IT governance and business at TINYpulse, where he developed a comprehensive information-security management system foundation, and led the company’s security-certification efforts, protecting TINYpulse’s computers, networks and data against security breaches, viruses, and cyberattacks. He brings a lot of experience, having spent just over two decades in IT-security leadership posts at Alexonet and Bioanalytical Systems.

Congratulations to Sonia and Vern – and to Adaptiva!