We usually fill this space with announcements of new openings, but it’s nice to occasionally celebrate people and organizations who have made it through to the other end of the process.

Two of my valued clients — Changepoint and GLDN — have just made some very important hires. We here at Peckman Search Partners are always proud of our role in helping to match excellent companies with excellent people, and we thought you might be interested in knowing the caliber of talent that Changepoint and GLDN are bringing on board.

The first of the three individuals we want to tell you about is Sonia Martinez, the new VP of Marketing at Changepoint. A seasoned marketer with over 20 years of experience in tech and B2B marketing, Sonia’s held senior leadership positions at Skytap, K2 software, United Business Media (UBM), Avaya and Oracle.

According to Changepoint, “When she is not working, she’s been known to race cars, swallow fire, engage in outdoor adventure and philanthropic interests. You’ll have to ask her all about it.

I’ll say! I think my first question for Sonia would be whether she ever raced cars while swallowing fire, or whether these were two wholly separate activities. Conversational icebreaker!

Changepoint is further bolstering its marketing team with the addition of Todd Rohs as the new Director of Product Marketing. Todd has degrees from Northeastern University and Harvard Business School. He has also nailed an Emerald City trifecta with digital marketing and management experience at Amazon, Microsoft, AND Starbucks.

Todd’s listed interests are intriguingly varied, and include both “mitochondrial research” and “arguing about movies.” Advice to Changepoint colleagues: When the next blockbuster about phospholipid transfer hits the cineplex, you better come correct, ’cause this guy’s taking no prisoners.

Last but surely not least, we have a new hire up at GLDN, the amazing custom-jewelry startup in the quaint seaside hamlet of La Conner. (Yes, attentive reader, I’m well aware I’ve used “quaint seaside hamlet” before in describing GLDN’s location. I have no plans to stop. In fact, I may just start capitalizing the first letter of each word. Don’t provoke me.)

And a big hire it is: GLDN is bringing on a new Chief Operating Officer, Mark Johnson. Mark was most recently Vice President for Global Customer Experience at Paula’s Choice Skincare here in Seattle. Before that, he was a senior director at Alvarez and Marsal.

Mark’s another Starbucks alum — in fact, as Director for Business Transformation there, he co-led the largest global business-systems process transformation project in the company’s history. Sounds like a good match for an ambitious, consumer-centered place like GLDN — which is very clearly going places, and fast.

Our congrats to Changepoint and GLDN — and to Sonia, Todd, and Mark. It’s been fantastic to work with all of you.